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Britain, I believe, first tuned me into Eric Siday and his "Identitones" which were short musical phrases/electronic sound effects which he created as musical logos from everything from Maxwell House Coffee to CBS News. Listen to the Identitones Demo (1968) and you'll recognize that many of Siday's "Identitones" are still in use today.
So I got to thinking, since I have all this free time, wouldn't it be cool if the various 'blogs had their own identitones? If you're interested, drop me an email and I'll put together a unique, short (5-10 seconds) "'BlogTone" for your 'blog. I should be even able to come up with a way to embed the audio in your 'blog (I can host it here, if need be) and whenever someone loads up your 'blog, it would play your "'BlogTone" so everyone would know which 'blog they were reading.
My only requirements for doing this for you, absolutely free of charge (though donations are always nice, if you wind up liking what you get :), is that you have no say over what your "'BlogTone" ends up sounding like (sorry -- you don't have to use it if you don't like it, but I'll try to capture the essence of your 'blog, musically, to some degree. And if someone else winds up with one you like more, maybe they'd trade with you!) and you give me 7-10 days, depending on demand and my own schedule, to get it to you.
If any of you are interested, just email me and I'll get you your "'BlogTone", along with the HTML code to use it in your 'blog, within 7-10 days.
If you still have no idea what any of this is about, sample some of the 'BlogTones I've already done, below. The RealMedia plugin is required. Click here to get the free RealOne player.
If you happen to just love your custom 'BlogTone, please consider a donation of a couple of dollars. To this end, I've put a Donation button on this page, just below this text. A donation is certainly not required, of course, but it may just determine if I keep doing this or not.
Don't love your custom 'BlogTone? No problem! Just let me know and I'll pass it along to someone who can use it!
Note for Mac users: If you know of a more Mac-happy way of embedding Real files, let me know. I have heard that this page works fine using the Safari browser, whereas it may not work as well with Mac Netscape.

Legal verbage: Since this is just for fun, I retain all copyrights to any 'BlogTones I create (just in case I wanna turn the melody into a chart-topping dance hit later on or something). If you want the rights to your 'BlogTone for whatever reason, though, (like if you want to use this for anything other than your personal webpage or home videos -- i.e. anything that will make money) just ask me and we'll work something out.

UPDATE! January, 2004 'BlogTones are back on the air. Unfortunately, I lost a bunch of requests when I lost my email a few months back. If you're still interested in a 'BlogTone, please email me again. Thanks!

Sample 'BlogTones
'BlogTone 001: "et cetera"

'BlogTone 002: "Carpe Biem: Sieze the Beer"

'BlogTone 003: "Anecdote Free Zone"

'BlogTone 004: "Summa Contra Mundum"

'BlogTone 005: "Eclectic Amateur"

'BlogTone 006: "Catholic and Loving It!"

'BlogTone 007: "Honk!"

'BlogTone 008: "Disputations"

'BlogTone 009: ""

'BlogTone 010: "bpdw.commentary"
'BlogTone 011: "Two Sleepy Mommies"

'BlogTone 012: "VitaBrevis"

'BlogTone 013: "Gospel Minefield"

'BlogTone 014: "OneRock"

'BlogTone 015: "Confessions of a Girl in Love"

'BlogTone 016: "The Kairos 'Blog"

'BlogTone 017: "Musings of a Catholic Convert"

'BlogTone 018: "Pieces of Flair"

'BlogTone 019: "Caritate Dei"

'BlogTone 020: "Church Of The Masses"

Click here to listen to 'BlogTones 1-17 in a single mp3 file

More on the way, stop back every day!

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