Plogging: "The Future, Part I"
by Victor Lams
Victor: Hi! I'm Victor Lams, President and CEO of et cetera enterprises. As many of you know, the weblog has taken on many new forms over the past year. Most recently we've seen a foray into the field of "Vlogging" or "video logging". Well, the next step in that evolution is happening now: I call it "Plogging". Now, what you're about to see may confuse and disturb some of you but change is always like that, isn't it... it... well, perhaps I'd better just show you.
Randy: Mister! Mister! You forgot my themesong!
Victor: Forgot the themesong!
Randy: Play it, mister! Yes, play it.
Music, "Randy Racooney's Themesong"
"Get out the way of Randy Racooney,
He's not a Mormon and he ain't a Mooney.
Don't call him nutty and don't call him looney.
He is what he is and that's Randy Racooney!"
Randy: Yes, I like that song. Well, just like the song says, my name is Randy Racooney and this here is the first ever "Plog" in the world! Well, what's a "plog" you ask? I'm glad you asked! A "plog" is a Puppet Weblog! "Plog", get it? And I'm the puppet! And this is the first one ever! How 'bout that? Well, what I would like to talk to you today is about raccoons! You know, some people figure we're just scavengers and we just like to eat whatever's left behind like on the beach or in the storm drains, but that's not the case! I would like to be treated just like all the other members of rodentia and what that means is that I would like you to leave some food out for me. Hmm. But not bread. Do you know what happens when you try to wash bread? Oh! That's -- I forgot to mention that: raccoons like to wash their food before they eat! So, no bread: it just dissolves in the water, okay? But if you want to leave out a nice, you know, half-eaten hamburger or maybe some cabbage, that is fine, we would like that very much. So, I hope you enjoyed my Plog. I think that puppet logs will be the wave of the future and, um, maybe I'll see you around sometime again and, uh, hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making it for you. And now I hope that, oh, I guess it's time to go. Well, I'll talk to you later. Bye!
Victor: Plogging! The future!
(c) 2003 Victor Lams