Annuli Catenae

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Welcome to Annuli Catenae (links of a chain). Here are some of the weblogs and personal websites Victor either knows or has read and are good.

Super Best Friend Britain's Super Weblog
The Misadventures of Sarah Hempel
James' Catholic and Enjoying It
Ella's Jingly and Jesting it!
Honk! By Davey's Daddy
Chirp! By Davey's Mommy
Two Sleepy Mommies, No Waiting
De Fidei Oboedientia
Frassati Society Weblog
A Saintly Salmagundi
Zorak's E-Pression
500 Years Behind The Times
Jen Speaks
Notes From the Mark Maier Network
When I Drop Dead
Catholic and Enjoying It!
Come On, Get Lively!
Confessions of a Girl in Love
Heart, Mind, & Strength Weblog
Asparagirl Lives Here
Sean Gallagher - Nota Bene
Jeff Miller - Atheist to a Theist
Catholic Light
CLOG (Canon Law 'Blog)
TheresaMF - Destination: Order
Ono's Thoughts
Dust in the Light
Tim Drake - Catholic Pundit
Relapsed Catholic
A Not Yet Illustrated Life
Oremus: Adventures in Orthodoxy
Vita Brevis... so get with it!
Blog, Goodform Blog
Blergg Blog
man with black hat
Error 503 -- Dylan's Blog
I've appeared on Nihil Obstat many times.

... now this ...
Don't you ever?

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Previous et cetera mottoes:
"The fact that you like the robot dude says quite a lot about you. None of it good." - Paraphrase of Emily Stimpson to Mark Shea
"Someday somebody else besides me will call me by my stage name." - They Might Be Giants, "Dr. Worm"
"Ignore the mountains of discarded folderol." - They Might Be Giants, "Metal Detector"
"Beam me up! I yield back all my blog posts." - James Traficant?
"It's a trick. Get an Axe." - Bruce Campbell Vs. The Army Of Darkness
"Swing down sweet chariot, stop, and let me ride." - Spiritual
"This could lead to excellence, or serious injury." - They Might Be Giants, "Spiraling Shape."

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