Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New album out today?!

Well, I thought it would take a few more weeks, but apparently three days is all it takes for Amazon MP3 and Lala to post your new album on their websites for listening (LaLa gives you the first listen for free) and purchase. iTunes, Rhapsody, and eMusic, it seems take a bit longer.

So, yeah: phreakbox v1.4: The Instrumentals is out today!!!!

Expect a full page for the album soon, including a link to purchase a physical CD copy of the product (once I approve it). But in the meantime if you want to get your (mostly) mellow electronic jazz downtempo loungecore chiptune worldbeat groove on, head over to the album on Amazon MP3 or Lala and give it a listen (and if you like it, download a track or two or the whole album). It's very chill.

Phreakbox v1.4: The Instrumentals

Also, while at Amazon MP3 or Lala (and soon iTunes and Rhapsody) you may notice another single I've recently released, "The Flying House of Loreto".

The Flying House of Loreto

This is a track I did a little while back which has become very popular on the net (to date this year, it's been downloaded over 16,000 times from my website). If you like, give it a listen and a download too. It may just give you the inspiration you need to do whatever it is you need to do today (heck, I mean, if a house can fly anything is pretty much possible). Jackie did the cover design for the single, incorporating one of her recent fiber art pieces... I've gotten a lot of good feedback on that.

And, as always, if you haven't gotten your daily dose of Robot Love recently, you can download my first CD on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3 and a number of other places around the net.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Follow the bouncing 'blog!

We're over at StudioLams Weblog. Come join us!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hello, is this thing on?

Okay, so here's the latest: I'm thinking of releasing a couple of direct-to-digital-distribution (think iTunes and Rhapsody, because that's where they'd show up) albums. No real definite plans, but one would be a 20+ song retrospectacle of the weirder tunes I've done over the last few years, maybe another would be a Love Hive EP (you know you want it), and a third still (maybe next year, early 2009) would be "Catechism Rock: The Album" finally. And then maybe also next year an album of all new stuff (I think "In Bed" is dead, but maybe I could get some friends together and make some real music).

So is there any interest in something like this? The only other plan I have at this point is releasing albums on custom-printed USB sticks. Don't make me do that...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wowsers, Inspector Gadget, new music on the Professor Whimsey Page. Check it out!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Where is Victor?

For reasons that escape me at the moment, I've taken my 'blog to MySpace for the nonce. Lots of good observations and songs and what-not there. Here's the link!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Aunt in South Dakota has a Catholic podcast!

Check it out! Lively, funny, and faithful (and you gotta love that themesong, too!).

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Drink recipes from Every Day with Rachel Ray.

We'll let you know tomorrow how the Banana Hot Buttered Rum and Snappy Chai Eggnog turn out. While you're out shopping, though, remember: not only does Admiral Nelson outrank Captain Morgan, he's also about 30% cheaper which makes him the one you want to sail with. Unless you've got something against cheap imitations.


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