My baby told me she was going to Iraq and I asked her what for

She said she was going there to protest the war.

I asked her well, Baby, can I go?

And she said yes but first I had to take off every stitch of my clothes.


I said what are you serious or just making fun of me?

She said I'm serious as serious as serious can be

The only way to face hypocrisy

Is to get naked, dance around, and have the world see.


Well it should be said I'm not the most attractive guy

My midsection hangs down way over my fly

And that's just on those good days when I've got my pants on

But I'll take off my clothes if it helps that Mr.  Saddam.


So I took off all my clothes just to see how it'd feel, should

I join her and I have to admit that I felt real, good

Watch out America and watch out UK

Saddam's got another naked human shield just-a heading his way.


For forty six days near Baghdad we sat out in the cold

While CNN came and took their pictures and told

Us we must be crazy, they were just taking advantage of us

But if you can't trust a crazy dictator then just whom can you trust?