Welcome to the temporary webpage for Victor Lams' cartoons: LAMtoonS!

Here you will find the cartoons Victor has created, in a combination of Windows Media, Real Media, and QuickTime format.

This page will be replaced with a better one soon, so watch for that. In the meantime, watch the cartoons!
"Farmer Joe"
Farmer Joe
Windows Media 4.5MB
QuickTime, 13.4MB
Real Media, 4.5MB

"St. Michael Prayer"
St. Michael Prayer
Windows Media, 1.2MB
Real Media, 1MB
"Emotional Baggins"
Emotional Baggins
Windows Media, 1.5MB
QuickTime, 4MB
"Peas Grow There"
Peas Grow There
Real Media, 2.4MB
WARNING: Contains mild language
"Gomu Neko"
Gomu Neko
Windows Media, 4.3MB
Real Media, 3.8MB
"The Handbook of Epictetus"

Chapter 17: WM (1MB), RM (1MB), QT (7MB)

Chapter 20: WM (1MB), RM (1MB), QT (9MB)
Art, animation, and music (c) 2003, Victor and Jackie Lams
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