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Jackie's Dollhouse

Welcome to Jackie's Dollhouse, Chapter I: Prologue
April 7, 2001

Jackie received the first dollhouse kit, a replica of one of San Francisco's famous 'Painted Ladies,' when she was 10 years old. Over the next 16 years or so, work progressed on the house until, to the untrained eye, the exterior seemed almost finished.
Artist's conception!
(This isn't actually Jackie's Dollhouse, but a picture of a finished version of an updated model of the same kit from a catalog).

But was it really finished? Quite the contrary.

Jackie purchased a conservatory kit and that was soon assembled. Enjoy the lilting sounds of a string quartet in summertime, as you sip on a mint julep
A diamond in the rough
Next came plans for a two-story addition.

But then, holes would need to be cut into the existing house in order to add on the conservatory and addition. Victor got to do that with a sabre saw!!!

Oh, no!
Is it ruined?

Don't worry Jackie! It'll look okay when it's finished!

Here are the latest pictures, showing all the work to date. Note that the three pieces (the original house, the conservatory, and the addition) all fit snugly onto one piece of 2' x 4' particle board.

It may not look like much now...
...but we've got big plans for this house!

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