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Chapter II: The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is Getting Higher!
April 15, 2001

Work has continued this past week on the Dollhouse. Most notably on the roofline, as a new roof has been fashioned for the addition out of a light plywood, which integrates perfectly with the roofline of the existing dollhouse.

Check out the new addition!
Jackie glued the addition to the main house using clamps and a half-empty (or is that half-full?) paint-can of Kiln's Primer. The roof of the addition is made out of a light plywood which was cut by Victor with the sabre saw. Jackie glued it to the existing roof and made it all work.

But what's happening inside of the house... it's all white... like a GHOST!

No, no. Don't be frightened. That's not paranormal activity inside the house.. that's Gesso, an acrylic primer. Not only will it protect the wood, it'll also enable Jackie to draw the guides for the tapewire on the inside of the house, once she's completed her wiring diagram (which we'll post here, of course, once it's complete). What's tapewire, you ask? Stay tuned! G-g-g-ghost house?!?!

Conspicuously absent from these photos is the Conservatory, of course. Well, Victor knocked that onto the floor accidentally this past week, but did no real permanent damage to it (thank goodness for wood glue). He did tell Jackie about it, though, before she found out on her own.

Well, that's it for this week! Check back next week for more updates, or check below for last week's installment. And as they say in the miniatures business: "If it's not small, it's not much fun at all!"

(They don't really say that, I just made that up).

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