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Chapter III: The House That Might've Been
(Last updated April 21, 2001)

There hasn't been a great deal of visible progress on the house this week (aside from some vicious hardwood-floor removal), and so there are no new photos to show you this week.

However, frequent visitors to this site may recall that in Chapter I we referred to the house in a state which "to the untrained eye, the exterior seemed almost finished." We thought we'd give you glimpse at the house in that state, so that when all of the additions are complete, the overall end result will be that much more striking.


Pretty clouds and lens flare added for dramatic effect

Clearly visible here is the positioning of the conservatory next to the main house, as well as the pre-existing roofline, which, you all know, got sawed apart in Chapter I and then connected to the homemade roof of the addition in Chapter II. Note that there is not yet a dormer on the lefthand side of the roof, above the Conservatory, which was added later.

Well, that's it for this week! Check back next week for more updates, or click on the links below for previous weeks' installments. And as they say in the miniatures business: "If it doesn't cost as much as the real thing would, it's not a true miniature!"

(They don't really say that, I just made that up).

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