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Now Available!! 23-song original Robot Love LP! An hour of new songs written and recorded by Victor Lams!

Read what The Hillsdale Collegian has to say about Robot Love

Robot Love coverart
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Robot Love Track List: (click on green titles for mp3 files, or check the music page for more songs and streaming audio).

1. Intro
2. Vampire Babies
3. Robot Love
4. Sarah's Lullaby
5. Shelly
6. (Life Is) Salty
7. Captain Bigshot, Part I
8. Interlude: Run You Down
9. Space Helpers
10. Cacaphonie
11. Interlude: Permission
12. A Little Something...

13. So Simple A Song
14. The Video Store Song
15. Party For My Head
16. Advice For Young Robot
17. The Return Of Captain Bigshot
18. Interlude: Classical Section
19. Farmer Joe
20. Homunculus
21. Time To Go
22. Tobiah's Journey
23. Marshmallow XTC

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